5 Symptoms of heart disease you should never ignore.

Dr Monisola Adanijo 5 Symptoms of heart disease you should never ignore.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death all over the world, accounting for more than a third of all deaths worldwide; more than cancer and HIV. Heart disease can be congenital (you were born with it) or acquired (you developed it as an adult). Congenital heart diseases are more common in children and may […]

Reasons why more young people are suffering from heart disease.

In the 80s and 90s, heart disease was thought to be disease of elderly people. However in recent times, we have seen more and more young people die of heart disease than before. Available data from the world health organization (WHO) states that, 31% of all deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular disease1. Studies done […]

How to live your best life despite having a heart condition.

So you or (your loved one) have been diagnosed with heart disease. It can be a very daunting diagnosis and the initial reactions are usually denial, anxiety grief and or depression. The may be feelings of “what is the point of living” or you may feel “this is the end, I can’t live a normal […]

Are you having difficulty controlling your blood pressure?

As many as 40% of adults in Nigeria are hypertensive, and majority are not even aware. Of those who are aware only about 20% have their blood pressure adequately controlled. The goal for treating blood pressure is to get the levels to 130/80mmHg or lower. (130 systolic, 80 diastolic). We are concerned about poorly controlled […]

Are you supposed to hear your heart beating?

The human heart starts beating from 4 weeks gestation (sometimes even before the woman realizes she is pregnant) and doesn’t stop till death. The average heart beats 90,000-130,000 times a day and we don’t even notice it! However in some instances, we become aware of our heartbeat; we either hear it as a “thumping sound” […]