As a cardiologist with  22 years of medical practice, My mission is to nurture your heart health and lead you to wholesome lifestyle habits towards a healthier you, family, and society.

I share tips on how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as in-depth articles about various health topics.

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Could those funny symptoms you feel be due to chronic stress?

Have you been feeling all kinds of symptoms, and the doctors keep telling you there is nothing wrong with you medically? Are you just convinced this may be the work of your “village people”? But wait!! Could you be suffering from chronic stress?

Doctor burnout…. A dangerous phenomenon

“Burnout” is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. The hospital environment can put doctors and other clinicians

Dr monisola - no sleep

How lack of sleep is making you fat

Are you having problems losing weight or you find that you are gaining weight despite reducing your food intake? Lack of sleep May be a

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