Heart Health Workshop

Why are you working so hard to shorten your lifespan with that terrible diet and all those “shortcuts” all in a bid to lose weight?

I was once like you and I can tell you that extreme diets will not give you the long lasting solution and change you desire.

This was me 11 years ago: obese and tired;


This is me now, 40 kg down and kept off for 10 years; looking younger, with more energy, better skin, and fantastic health. The difference is clear.

As a doctor who once battled with her weight, I have the best solution for you today.

With this solution, you can have it all. You can reduce your weight, decrease your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol and prevent heart disease and other health issues.

We all wish we had a fairy godmother to hold our hands on your journey through life. Why wish when you can have a real life and health focused fairy godmother?

With my heart health package, I will be start you on the right path and guide you through your weight and health journey.

It contains everything you need to lose weight and live a healthy life. You will also be getting a workbook, where you can note down and track your health goals in addition to other easy to follow e-books on how to eat for a health heart, sample meal plans, and how to take care of your heart in general.

You can conveniently say goodbye to extreme diets and lose weight the healthy way and at the same time take care of your heart with this bundle.


Dr Monisola Adanijo

My name is Monisola Adanijo. I am a Cardiologist and Medical Doctor with over 20 years of Medical experience and 12 years of Cardiology experience.

I have worked with hundreds of patients to reduce their cardiovascular risk.

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